Treat Yo Self Bundle - Everthing you need to stay on track

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I mean really if there was time when we deserved to enjoy a daily treat it would be right now! 2020 was one for the books. and so let's take 2021 by the horns and enjoy every second of it.

and what better way to do that than with some cake with No Guilt Bakes and stay in ketosis!

We created this bundle so you could get a little bit of everything for 2 weeks! that's how long we think it will last for at the very least. 

 It contains  2 bread mixes (contain vital wheat gluten), 1 pancake mix and the following cake bites: 

  • Raspberry Swirl (2)
  • Chocolate (2)
  • Lemon & Coconut (2)
  • Cinnamon Sprinkles (2)
  • ChocHazel
  • Lemon & Poppy Seed

you of course get at a reduced price and free shipping because you are buying it all together! Enjoy and thank us with a fab review  😊 oh and of course we'd love to see pictures of you enjoying your treats. 

Customer Reviews

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Fab cakes

These little packets of cakes are so fantastic. So far the lemon coconut & raspberry swirl are my faves. A nice little bit of sweetness there when you need it. The waffle mix is easy to use & so is the bread mix for when your missing having bread. Helps me keep on my Keto track when I could easily wobble. It may seem expensive but I freeze it all & grab something out when it’s needed so lasts

The problem solved

These delicious cakes are the ideal answer to the need for some tasty confectionary when so many things are 'forbidden'. So pleased I came upon the 'No Guilt ' site. I'm about to order more right now!

Loved this Bundle

Bread and Waffle Mix are awesome! Love the cakes, only thing I'd like is if you got one of every type available so you could try them all...but that's just me being greedy 😉


I was 3 weeks in Keto and was so close to cheating cause I truly missed bread and cake. I am so so glad that I came across No Guilt Bakes!!! The bread is simply divine and just what I needed to continue with my keto journey. The cakes are a lil treats that I use to motivate myself when you need a sweet pick me up. Will definitely recommend

Yummy Cake Bites

Love these... my favourite is lemon and coconut, very tasty. I will Absolutely will be ordering more. Verified Reviews Badge
Verified Reviews