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Keto Porridge Mix

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When we think of breakfast, we think of a comforting, delicious meal that fuels our mind and body for the long day ahead! And what breakfast does this best? Well of course, Porridge!

Now you can start off your day right with our rich and nutritious keto-friendly porridge. 

With the smooth texture of ground oats yet without the carbs, our porridge is truly a classic made keto-friendly.

There are no Chia Seeds to be seen here, as we found the texture was much nicer without! the ingredients gives this fibre-rich porridge an earthy, nutty flavour that pairs perfectly with any toppings.

Simply add water or your preferred milk and microwave – we kept it as convenient as the classic. 

Give your porridge more personality with your favourite berries, nuts and seeds, or switch it up by adding our cocoa powder for a richer, chocolate porridge.

Net Carbs = 2.2g


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Liz Patel

Very nice,very filling maybe others flavours would be nice but will definitely order again

Very tasty!

I wasn’t expecting too much from this porridge, but was very surprised. Not only is it delicious, but filling and really easy to prepare too. A wonderfully warming breakfast; don’t hesitate!

Katrina McGowan

Love the porridge, sweetervthan Scott's porridge oats, but warm and a welcome change. Scatter fruit and walnuts for chewy factor.

Loved it

A very good alternative to traditional porridge. I tried other brands but this was the best I found

C Allen
Not exactly Goldilocks.

Bought this as a hopeful addition to vary winter breakfast options. It was ok…if you miss a warm breakfast then this might help, but don’t expect ‘porridge’. Very bitty, I think mainly pieces of coconut. Not unpleasant, but probably not something I would buy again.