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Welcome to No Guilt Bakes, your number one source for low carb and keto treats that are deliciously tasty and conveniently packaged. We're dedicated to providing you the very best of keto treats, with an emphasis on flavour.

We started No Guilt Bakes because we like cakes and couldn’t find any convenient keto treats that didn't break the bank and that would arrive quickly enough to satisfy our cravings.

We think its easier to adhere to a sugar free lifestyle if you don't feel like you have to give up sweet treats OR if one doesn’t have to bake one’s own treats and figure out the nutritional value.

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We're Taeya and Maya, and we are the founders of No Guilt Bakes.

Between the 2 of us, we have lost 40kg over the last 2 years by adhering to mostly ketogenic diet. After the decision to lose weight that had piled on post university, Taeya stumbled across the ketogenic lifestyle and after watching her success, Maya jumped onto the keto bandwagon.

Cakes, puddings and biscuits have always been our biggest vice, and since starting our Keto journey, we have both struggled to find delicious and affordable sweet treats.

Frustrated by the lack of ketogenic diet-friendly sugar free snacks/treats available on the market, we started to bake our own. and started to share them with our dads and our other friends and family.

Having spent months perfecting recipes that even non-ketoers LOVE, we are finally happy to share our No Guilt Bakes with you. Verified Reviews Badge
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