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Here is the No Guilt Bakes Reviews Page which allows for you to see what everyone thinks about the products we sell. Some love em but its not always stars and sugar but we do take all the comments into consideration. Thank you for sharing.
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Fantastic product
Easy to make and very easy to eat!!

Tasty bread

I miss bread the most on the Keto diet. The seeded self bake bread is a great replacement. I made it in my bread maker on rapid bake snd it was perfect.

Multi seed bread

This bread is exactly what I needed, first time in 2 years following Keto I have enjoyed toast, thank you so much for this product, will be buying regularly, absolutely amazing, cannot say enough


This cake was really moist , lovely lemon and coconut flavours. Will buy again.

Great cakes

Great tasting cakes and very easy to prepare. Have already ordered some more !

Perfect for a keto treat

Really lovely cakes, find a lot of keto sweet treats to be quite dry or far too sweet, but all the cakes were really balanced, lovely flavour and not too dry. Really helped to take the edge off my sweet craving. Will be buying again! Loved the chocolate hazelnut cake the most!

Bloody lovely 🥰

After making a booboo and adding 125g of butter instead of 12.5g 🙈
They’re absolutely delicious, I live keto lifestyle, so perfect for me. Poured a ton of cream over, heaven 💯👌❤️

Multi seed keto bread

Very tasty!

Pancakes mix

Was not sure about this before I bought but they make beautiful pancakes definitely would recommend and I will definitely be buying again.

Just what I have been missing

One of the wonderful things about these is they are so quick to cook. 2 minutes from fancying a cake, you can be tucking in! Having followed a Keto diet plan for a while, these cakes make a wonderful treat. The carrot cake is lovely and spicy, the chocolate cake gives a nice chocolate hit and the caramel has a vanilla undertone and is not too overpoweringly caramelly. These are sweet but not overly-sweet. The texture of these cakes is soft and fluffy. I expected the portions to be small but there is sufficient in one cake for a light meal, if you don't have a big appetite. I will definitely be buying more as I have missed cake on keto.

bread mix

Easy to make , very bread like, nice flavour. Unfortunately didn't agree with me upset my stomach .But did enjoy it

Very tasty

It's easy to do and tastes very good. It's a bit big portion for me, so I split it in to two. Even my partner loved it, and he has a proper sweet tooth. I will purchase this again and try either cream or melting some choc chips on it.

Really nice treats

Really enjoyed these

Tasty bread

Tasty bread

Very Tasty

So easy to make, keeps fresh and makes delicious toast :-}

utterly delicious

Very yummy with a little cream. Easy to make :-}

Amazing cakes

I love these small no-guilt cakes as a treat after work. Perfect with a cup of tea.

Fantastic to eat bread a7gain

Easy to make and lovely fluffy bread.


I’m so glad I happened across your products. I bought the seeded bread and it’s really good. So easy to make and it smells just like normal bread when it’s rising. I managed to get 13 slices from the loaf two were crusts but that’s ok for me. Delivery was super quick and I will be ordering more very soon

Seeded bread

Amazing best bread ever and so easy

Real bread

Tried making keto bread before but was just flat….but this bread is fantastic tastes just like real bread …smells like bread..and stays soft and fresh I love it…

Lovely bread

Easy to make .. just add water, knead and leave to prove then pop in the oven…..simples!
Tasty and delicious

Very pleased

Bought for my son he’s got a few problems. ….he really likes them so he’s happy I’m happy

Love this bread

Easy to make and tastes delicious

Multi grain gluten free bread

Very nice.. So easy to make just add water kneed bread leave for a bit.. Would recommend to anyone. Lasts for days less calls xx Verified Reviews Badge
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