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Absolutely delicious & astounded how amazing they taste! Felt like i was cheating on my keto diet!
I found warming them in the microwave for 20 seconds & serving with cream was heaven!!!


Very tasty little snacks, really hit the spot. :)

Fab cakes

These little packets of cakes are so fantastic. So far the lemon coconut & raspberry swirl are my faves. A nice little bit of sweetness there when you need it. The waffle mix is easy to use & so is the bread mix for when your missing having bread. Helps me keep on my Keto track when I could easily wobble. It may seem expensive but I freeze it all & grab something out when it’s needed so lasts


Very tasty and light


Lemony and light

What a taste!

I loved this chocolate cake. I heated it slightly in the microwave and it was the right treat at the right time.

Mouth watering

These are super delicious. The flavour really is on point. I was surprised how good they were. I can’t recommend these enough. I will order again and maybe try another flavour.

My Favorite

Although all the cakes are very good, this one is definitely my favorite. I am addicted!


What can I say. I am hooked on this brand. I bought everything they sell and ate it all within days. Please invent more! Big fan! :)


An amazing treat for a Keto friendly food. This little beauty got me through a difficult craving slump. Thank you for inventing this impressive low carb treat. I ate them all before I remembered the microwave tip from the other reviews. I will have to order more ASAP

Amazing taste

The taste of this cake is amazing! You cannot tell the difference from a normal chocolate cake and I feel happy knowing it’s guilt free and I’m within my carb limit


Having just started a Keto diet I was worrying about how my sweet tooth would cope.
These are the solution.

very delicious !!! Loved them !!

It was excellent , the taste and texture were really but too small :(

Love Love Love!!

I love bread, and this is so amazing when on a Keto diet! I tried making my own -awful!! This bread mix is easy and tastes delicious! Highly recommend...

So tasty!!

I’m new to the Keto diet, and I have a sweet tooth! So when I saw these on someone’s post on Instagram, I jumped on it! It was tasty, delightful and satisfied my sugar urge!

LOVE it.

Just so tasty! Move over carby lemon drizzle...

Incredibly delicious!

Super fresh, tastes as good as any non-keto treat! I sometimes spread some mascarpone on top and then it becomes a luxurious keto cupcake.


Lovely cakes, came quickly!!
Order was wrong I ordered two salted caramel but only got one and two chocolate hazelnut bites!!
Good if you want a quick and easy snack!

Sweet Cuddles

Cakes are delicious. I followed keto diet last year for a while and now I am on it again and before start I ordered my sweet treats. Sometimes I feel to give up but this lovely cake keep me on track

Amazing Keto Bread

The bread is amazing, when I order it I didn't know what to expect and instead I was really satisfied. You can't imagine the joy to having bread during keto diet. I really recommend it.

Great bread

This is delicious bread and very simple to make. I recommend watching the video as it’s a much simpler process than expected if you’re used to making “normal” bread. I won’t feel like I’m missing out on keto now.

I can have bread again finally!

You can never understand the sheer joy I had when we pulled the bread out of the over, sliced it up and toasted it. I had all but given up on being able to eat bread on my keto diet, we had many many attempts with different recipes but they just never resembled that bread texture. This bread mix was just the ticket, definitely not that same flavour as a regular loaf of bread (don't think that will ever be achievable) but it finally has that bread consistency! And to be able to have buttered toast, or boiled egg and soldiers again, almost brought a tear to my eye! Thank you so much for making this!


Absolutely love these cases! Keeping my sweet cravings in check while on Keto . Super delicious! Definitely no guilt!:)

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Brilliant little cakes to allow you to indulge without worrying about your carbs, highly recommended. Verified Reviews Badge
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