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Diabetes and Cake - How do we make it work

Some would say there is no such thing as diabetic friendly food let alone cake but its a well known fact that one should monitor blood sugars closely when diabetic. You have to understand what affects your blood sugars. Diabetes is a manageable lifelong condition that restricts you from a lot of food, particularly foods high in carbs or sugar. Cakes and other desserts are examples of food people with diabetes are forbidden from enjoying due to their high carb content. The body converts the carbs and sugar we consume into glucose, when we consume too much carbs or sugar, the excess glucose produced is released into the bloodstream causing a spike in our blood sugar levels. This makes cakes seem unhealthy for people with diabetes. 

It safe for people with diabetes to eat cakes? Yes it is, you don’t have to totally stay away from cakes if you are diabetic – having diabetes doesn’t mean you’ve to miss out on the joys of having a cake.

Check out our snacks for diabetics.

A cake could still be made perfectly healthy and better for you. If you are looking just to enjoy cake and you are diabetic it can be nice not to have to worry about blood sugars and just enjoy the moment. If this is something you want, you might want to consider what we call our diabetic friendly cake which just means a cake that we have designed to have a low carb content, hence reducing the impact on your blood sugar level but still tastes sweet and yummy.

 Are the cakes sugar free? technically we can't say that as even almond flour has natural sugars but we don't use sweeteners like coconut nectar or agave syrup because they will still have an effect on your blood sugars. Instead we use a combination of erythritol, xylitol and stevia where possible. this means we keep it as "sugar free" as we can.

Why do we think our cakes are diabetic friendly?

A diabetic friendly cake is a cake that has low carbohydrate and sugar content. This is done by making certain changes in the ingredients used in baking. The truth is that it isn’t exactly the cake, but the ingredients we use to bake them that determines whether the cake is healthy or not.

To make a diabetic friendly cake, pay keen attention to the ingredients used in baking it, especially the flour and sugar ingredients because these make up the most carbs in a cake. Flour is the largest component of a cake, so the best option is to stick to a recipe that uses less flour or use flour with low carbs like almond flour and coconut flour. Also, instead of using granulated sugar, you can use a low-carb sweetener such as canderel or erythritol to help lower the carb content of your cake. Anything with ingredients high in carb and or sugar is generally considered unhealthy, but replacing these ingredients with alternative ones will ensure you don’t compromise on both taste and health. Wondering how to achieve this? Don’t worry! No Guilt Bakes has a variety of yummy diabetic friendly cake recipes made out just for you.

If you are ever worried I hope our review section will reassure you as you can see our cake has earned its  5 Star reviews  as they have been enjoyed by many :)

Where To Buy Diabetic Cakes For Birthdays.

Just because you're cutting your sugar intake doesn't mean you should not be able to celebrate a birthday, mothers day, graduation, fathers day, baby showers etc, and there is no better way to celebrate than with cakes! So, while almost everything contains natural sugars (flour etc) we don’t use sugar in our cakes. We use Erythritol and Inulin to sweeten our sponges and our icing contains erythritol and stevia which have GIs of 0. In effect, the net carbs of our cakes by the slice are between 4 – 5 Net carbs. So in that way they are suitable for those trying to manage their blood sugars in comparison to sugar filled cakes!

Our cakes come in different flavours and are  7 inches in size when iced so they are perfect for celebrations and serve 7 - 9 people. They are delivered to you with no fuss, no muss.

Sugar Free Desserts For Diabetics.

One of the most challenging types of food for people with diabetes to find are desserts. At No Guilt Bakes, we specialise in producing sugar free, keto and diabetic friendly desserts. We ensure you enjoy delicious treats and desserts with no guilt. By making some nutritional changes, we make it possible for people with diabetes to enjoy desserts; we provide you healthier yet delicious alternatives to keep blood sugar levels under control.

Why not try our keto chocolate brownie mix, our variety cake bites, our low carb pizza base mix, mug cake mix and our low carb pancake and waffle mix.

So why do we think we are qualified to discuss this? 

1. we have a medical doctor on staff (My sister Dr Maltiti Abdel-Majeed) and she double checks our claims in our medically related articles to make sure that they make sense. My sister is a fully qualified doctor but she isnt your doctor so be sure to make sure that your diet works for you!

2. Our family has a sweet tooth and unfortunately a lot of members have diabetes (type 2) and this should come as no surprise as diabetes disproportionately affects black people (just in the genes i suppose). we've tested our products on them.

3. I used a blood sugar monitor when I was losing weight and used our products and noted how are products affected my blood sugars.

Check out our blog post on Keto & Diabetes which goes into the potential benefits of the ketogenic (keto) diet for individuals with type 2 diabetes. 

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