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Cake Bite Box

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In this option, we send you a months worth of NGB goodies and throw in extra week's worth of cake bites.

The subscription box is for those of you who like to know they will never miss out on a regular supply of No Guilt Bakes.

Yes you can have your cake and eat it regularly!

It's all made up of all the flavours that you know and love and we will keep Keto Friendly -

Each Cake Bite Box contains 26 Bags of Cake

- 5 Raspberry Swirl

- 5 Cinnamon Sprinkles

- 5 Lemon & Coconut

- 5 Lemon & Poppy 

-4 Chocolate

- 2 Chochazel

 (we have also been known to pop in one extra packet in every box)

Nutritional Information (calories) for each flavour can be found on each relevant flavours page under its images.


Note we've taken out the ginger flavour as it is being upgraded to a limited edition flavour (think Keto crystallized candied ginger on top of each bite with an extra gingery kick) sign up to our email list so we can let you know the moment its out!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Amazingly tasty cake bites

This was my second purchase from no guilt bakes. I was so impressed with my first order I had to make sure that I didn’t miss out on my treats. These bakes keep me on track with my healthy eating but make me feel like I’m having a little treat so I’m not completely missing out on goodies. These bakes did not disappoint, I will be ordering again. Thank you no guilt bakes, I would definitely recommend

Love each and every flavour

These little bites of heaven are perfect for either a quick cake fix or even as a way to have ‘dessert’ after a meal. As a special treat I love the cinnamon one crumbled into some Greek yoghurt with vanilla protein powder - tastes like cake and custard!

They products appear pricey but given the price of almond flour and all the other stuff I am pretty confident that they wouldn’t be much cheaper for me to make at home. Plus the handy bite size means I don’t over indulge.

Great keto snacking

Quite expensive for small sponge cake snacks, but they are surprisingly tasty and reassuringly low carb. I don't buy them for any weight problem - it just seems that keto is the way to go to live to a ripe old age in optimum health. Like other reviewers, I find it difficult to pick out a favourite. There are no bad ones among them so I like to order the mixed sampler box, and just bring out a few bakes at a time from the freezer.

Perfect cakes

I absolutely love these cakes. I have tried all the flavours and the extra spiced apple that you put in, thanks very much. They are all really tasty and would find it difficult to say which is my favourite.


These cake bites were so good, every flavour was tasty. Can’t believe they are Keto friendly. Definitely recommend them to curb those sweet cravings Verified Reviews Badge
Verified Reviews