NGB Multiseed Bread Mix | Low Carb | Vegan


*contains gluten* 

Its one of the most requested things on our website and we wanted to provide something a little different to what is available on the market today. So....drum rolls...

Just Add Water

We created this to be as straightforward as possible and so we made sure it contained everything that one needs for the perfect loaf.

High in fibre, this Low Carb bread is the NGB response for those who crave bread and would like a simple straightforward way to solving the cravings. It doesn't kick us out of ketosis but indeed for those who are gluten sensitive it might so do check your ketone levels etc. 

It also doesn't take 4 hours to make as we've measured everything for you. With 4-5 weeks ambient shelf, you have time to bake the bread at your convenience. Once baked can be stored in the fridge for 5 days or in the freezer for as long as you can resist (up to 2 weeks).

Each Loaf Produces at least 14 portions. Each Slice comes in under 2 g of carbs.

Each packet contains a single large loaf that would fit into the tins indicated below. However can be used to make buns and other loaves of different sizes. Go wild make some keto french toast or have a keto sandwich :) 

Ingredients: Wheat Gluten, Almond Flour (Tree nuts), Flaxseed, Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Lecithin, Yeast (Wheat), Pink Salt.

This one contains gluten but we needed that to help the bread rise and have the right texture.  It makes the mix more straightforward and also means that the bread isn't overly dense and heavy. For some, the best thing about our bread is that its vegan. No Egg or Milk powders in sight. 

We use  this or this  tin for the perfect shaped loaf but you can use whatever you would like to use.  If your tin sticks please use parchment paper!

 Yes you can make this in a breadmaker or a bread machine!

Per Package Weight - ℮255g 

Our low carb multi seed bread mix is high in protein and fibre *contains gluten*

Current Shelf life is 5 - 6 weeks

Customer Reviews

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Hilary Barber
Best bread & so easy

I've tried just about every recipe going to make my own keto bread, but none really impressed & such a faff. This is by far the best I've made & well worth the money as a treat & when you really fancy some 'real' bread. So easy to make, slices well & is lovely toasted too. Oh and it freezes well too

Too tasty!

I like this bread with yeast because it rises beautifully, is moist and tasty....too tasty really....couldn't stop eating it!

Sandra Mclarn

It was so easy to make and taste so good, will definitely be buying again

Jo S
Worth every penny

If you crave bread, the Low Carb Multiseed bread is worth every penny. It's not just an "acceptable" substitute, it is really tasty in its own right. Some people complain about the price, but look at the ingredients - have you seen the price of ground almonds, which I guess are the key ingredient. I followed the process from another review - turned the oven to 100c whilst kneading, turn the oven off, put dough in lined tin, cover with tea towel and prove in the oven for 45 mins. Take the towel off, turn the oven on and bake. Delicious. Keeps in the fridge in a bag for a good five days. This will make sticking to my low carb diet so much easier.

Fantastic product

Easy to mix and bake. Tastes great. Have been missing my bread on Keto. Verified Reviews Badge
Verified Reviews