Free UK Shipping available for all Bundles and for all orders over £40

Free UK Shipping available for all Bundles and for all orders over £40


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A Merry Keto Christmas - Sticking to Keto

Every year Christmas rolls round and it’s only natural if you’re starting to worry that you might not be able to stick with your keto Christmas diet during the holidays!Christmas is all about eating, drinking, being merry and spending time with the family.In this article we’ll be talking all about our guilt-free selection of bakes that you can treat yourself, or your loved ones, to this Christmas!

A Keto Christmas Wish Come True

It’s the time when most people are getting excited about that traditional roast with all the seasonal trimmings, the Christmas pudding with brandy sauce, the mince pies, and the mouth-watering buffet tables overflowing with festive fayre… If you’re a bit down in the mouth, it’s perfectly understandable, we’ve walked in your shoes! 

We’ve been through the frustration of not being able to satisfy a craving without completely blowing our commitment to keto. 

Our Christmas wish is to make you more confident in your ability to stick with your keto Christmas diet during the festive and party season, without feeling like you’re missing out on the tastes and smells that make the holidays so special.  

As the opening line of Little Women goes “Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents”.We've created a Keto Christmas Wishlist - so you can enjoy this festive season without counting the carbs! We’ll be discussing all our keto selections below so that you can get familiar with our bakes. 

You can also give keto Christmas gifts to your family members and friends who’ve taken an interest in your diet. It doesn’t make you preachy to share your deliciously guilt-free secret with them - they won’t be able to tell the difference between their normal treats and our keto bakes! 

Our treats are also perfect for people with a range of dietary requirements:

  • Halal 
  • Kosher 
  • Vegetarian 
  • Gluten free 
  • Diabetic 

So, whether your friends or family have such dietary needs, we’ve got you all covered. Let’s indulge together this Christmas! 

A Yearly Tradition: Christmas Boxes

So what are we doing to help you indulge during Christmas? Oh the excitement! For Christmas, No Guilt Bakes always does aChristmas bundlethat gets rave reviews that will include all the Christmas favourites. Our Christmas Treat boxes are available now to preorder for December! So be sure to have a browse and get your gifts this year sorted! 

Last Year’s Bundles

First, let’s talk about what the flavours were last year and if any of them sound amazing to you, comment your favourites down below so we can include them next year round! 

  • Christmas Pudding (with some variations on the typical fruits)
  • Mince Pie Cake - We want you to close your eyes and imagine biting into a mince pie in cake version
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding - After a second or 2 in the microwave that's exactly what you should get with this one
  • Blackforest Cake - Yes we brought it back just so it would be here in time for Christmas. This one will leave the regular rotation after the holidays
  • Choc Mint - because no christmas is complete without one.
  • Choc Orange - Yes we see the famous Terry's chocolate oranges appearing all over shelves in Tesco's and Sainsbury and so it's the turn of the Keto ChocOrange to make a comeback.

You can of course order each cake bite individually but to be frank, you'll want these in the bundle as the Christmas boxes always have some surprise products (including the launch of new NGB products). So why not save yourself the hassle and choose the easier, tastier option of getting the full box? 

The NGB Christmas Wishlist

This year around, our sweet selection has got even bigger! With plenty to choose from, including Variety Packs, Cake Bites and our BRAND NEW Christmas Treat Boxes - have fun browsing and selecting treats for yourself and your loved ones! 

Our NEW Christmas Treat Box (2022)

Now, let’s talk about this year’s Christmas Treat Box! Filled with brand new flavour-packed treats, this is the perfect gift for any loved one. Though read on with may be tempted to buy yourself a box too!

The Christmas Treat Box includes 13 festive treats:

  • Mint Chocolate Cake (3)
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Cake (3)
  • Chocolate Orange Cake (3)
  • Ginger/Chai Cake mug Mix (2) - You read that right! That’s a brand new NGB mug cake flavour! Carefully thought through and spiced to perfection, this isn’t a treat to be slept on!
  • Orange & Cranberry Cookies (2) - As flavour connoisseurs (if we do say so ourselves), we’ve combined the citrussy and sweet to form the keto cookies of your dreams!

Not satisfied and want 24 days worth of treats? Our Deluxe Christmas Box may be of interest to you!

Our Deluxe Christmas Box includes 24 treats:

  • Mint Chocolate Cake (3)
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Cake (3)
  • Chocolate Orange Cake (3)
  • Ginger/Chai Cake mug Mix (2)
  • Orange & Cranberry Cookie Pouch (2)
  • Iced Christmas Fruit Cake (3) - Rich, fruity and bursting with flavour, this cake is a rare treat that will have you savouring every bite
  • Sticky Toffee Cake (3) - This cake is just as moist and lush as pudding, all without the guilt!
  • Peppermint Hot Chocolate 200g (1 pack) - We combined the two classics - hot chocolate and peppermint, to form the seasonal Starbucks drink you’ve always craved!
  • Mince Pies(3) - Can’t go wrong with the classic! Is it really a Christmas Treat Box without a few Mince Pies? 
  • Candied Nuts (1 pack) - We’re bringing the warm, crunchy goodness served at Christmas markets right to your door 

More NEW Festive Treats - Mince Pies & Apple Crumble Tart!

You can try out our Mince Pies (only available from November onwards) before committing to order the full Christmas Treat Box, or as an essential extra if you’re a mince pie lover like us! You’ll get a hefty 6 Mince Pies per order, perfect to help forget any thought of your diet and share around with loved ones! You won’t be able to tell the difference between these and your pre-keto favourite mince pies - we’ve perfectly balanced chayote and cranberry, combining fruity, citrusy notes with a keto-friendly pastry!

Another nostalgic must-eat we’re offering are our Apple Crumble TartsThere’s nothing better than cozying up to indulge in these sweet yet spiced tarts, drizzled with some salted caramel or even custard. You’ll get a generous 6 pack of these Apple Crumble Tarts - we’re not being stingy this Christmas! 

So, what are you waiting for? Our seasonal collections are incredibly popular and we’d hate for you to miss out on these must-eat Christmas treats! So be sure to order now before they sell out! 


Variety Packs 


Perfect if you’re looking for a little bit of everything, our variety packs are ‘can’t go wrong’ gift options. These bundles don’t include our Christmas exclusives, making them the perfect choice for those of us who prefer classic flavours and simply want a large variety to trial!

Our Treat Yo Self Bundle is filled with the following Cake Bites: 

  • Chocolate 
  • Raspberry Swirl 
  • Cinnamon Sprinkles
  • Lemon & Coconut 
  • Lemon & Poppy Seed 
  • ChocHazel

Alongside 2 of our Multiseed Bread Mixes and 1 Keto Pancake & Waffles Mix!

That means this bundle is perfect for the avid cake lover and baker! Who doesn’t love to whip up must-eat keto foods and indulge in a handful of cakes? With a two weeks supply of goodies, you can’t really go wrong with this all-rounder option!

We also have a Keto Cake Bite Box, featuring two to five packets of each flavour of our Cake Bites! You’ll get a total of 26 packets - more than a month’s supply of cakes! This option is perfect for the cake-obsessed keto dieter, whether that means always having a bite to eat with tea or simply a late night treat to end the day!


Want a smaller variety pack, yet with all the flavours included? Our Cake Bites Variety Pack includes 8 packets of Cake Bites - perfect for introducing yourself or your loved ones to each flavour to then decide on a personal favourite!

Not a fan of chocolate? Well our Fruity Cake Bite Variety Pack includes our three fruit-bursting flavours:

  • Raspberry Swirls (4)
  • Lemon & Coconut(3)
  • Lemon & Poppy Seed 3)

That means you’ll get a 10 pack of just the sweet, fruity Cake Bites - the ideal option for any picky eater that is known to enjoy their citrusy and raspberry flavours!

Speedy Delivery

Christmas shopping this year will be a confusing and stressful venture as the world continues to recover from the Covid pandemic. With so much hassle and stress surrounding the idea of going out to shop during December, this definitely is not reminiscent of merrier seasonal shopping sprees you may have enjoyed in past years. 

Well, why would you go through such worry, when speedy and convenient delivery is available from our door to yours at the click of a button, without a mask in sight? 

  • Select from a range of regular or tracked postage option from £3.79 upwards
  • Take delivery at your home within 2-5 days of placing your order online 
  • Get free shipping for orders over £40
Key Takeaways 

Fingers crossed that a little addition of your must-have treats will help keep you on the straight and narrow of your keto Christmas plan. But, if you slip, don’t beat yourself up too much. The festive season really is the hardest time to stay 100% true to any diet, so don’t ruin your enjoyment by feeling you have to be a martyr to it. 

At No Guilt Bakes, we’re making it even easier for you to get straight back on track in the new year with our selection of healthy baked treats. It’s our ongoing commitment to help you achieve the success you’ve dreamed of, with deliciously guilt-free sweet treats that would previously have been an absolute no-no. 

gift wrap

Now that you know all about our guilt-free mission and the new editions we’ve created in our kitchen, take your pick! You’ve got plenty to choose from our potential gift options: Various Variety bundles, our Christmas Treat Boxes or Gift Cards - all strong contenders that are bound to have you and your loved ones in tears of joy as you together indulge in heavenly bakes! 

Let us know down below what you’re most excited to try from our new Christmas Treat Box, and what you’d like to see there next year! Merry Christmas and stay posted for some more Christmasy low carb and keto treats handmade with you in mind!

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November 25, 2020

Christmas flavours are the thing I missed most last year so I am really excited about your 12 days of Christmas

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