UK Keto Chocolate Bars - Our NGB Review

Our customers know that you don’t have to give up your love for chocolate on a keto diet

Besides tasting bloody delicious sugar-free chocolate can aid with various health benefits so all the more important to appreciate all the varieties of chocolate and what it has to offer. 

We love chocolate ourselves, our website offers a range of natural chocolate products from keto cakes, cocoa drinks, and baking mixes.

*Disclaimer: This blog is not  part of a paid promotion for the following brands we have mentioned.

The purpose of this article is to support our UK keto friends who supply some pretty darn good sugar-free chocolate bars and we would like to share our review of some of our favourite low-carb brands that you may have heard of or you might want to try out after reading this article.

Our list below will highlight six keto chocolate brands and what they have to offer and of course our review. 



No Guilt Bakes keto cakes and Montezuma's keto chocolate


Montezuma: Low-carb, recyclable packaging, vegan options, gluten-free, organically grown.

Price range: £2.59 (per bar)- £25.74 x 26 (Bundles) 

Flavours: Dark chocolate 100% cocoa, Dark chocolate with almonds, Dark chocolate with mint, Dark chocolate buttons, Dark chocolate with orange & cocoa nibs, Dark chocolate hemp & sea salt.

Carb counts: 8g per 100g (Dark chocolate 100% cocoa)

Net carbs: 8g per 100g - though this figure would be lower depending on serving size, as it's not the kind of bar you'd have in one sitting!

Sugar replacers: None! Zero added sugar


If you're obsessed with rich, dark chocolate, this chocolate bar range is made for you! You can find these gems in your local organic grocery stores, if you prefer to try one product at a time we would recommend you do this first if it is your first purchase of the brand, they have a plethora of chocolate bar flavours, too many to talk about but it is always nice to have a good variety to choose from, consisting of vegetarian and vegan options surely there's a flavour for all parties. The packaging is very alluring and immediately gets you excited to try them out. This brand just oozes quality and you get a very generous amount of chocolate per 90g, it also tastes very rich and luxurious,  if you like dark chocolate. However it should be noted that not all the options available here will be Keto friendly so keep an eye on the carb counts!

Ketobabe Chocolate

Price range: £4.50 PB - £23.50 (Bonbon Box)

Flavours: 70% Dark Chocolate, 70% Dark Chocolate with Pistachios, 70% Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, Coffee Milk Chocolate, Crème Brûlée, White Chocolate, Black Sesame White Chocolate, White Chocolate Raspberry, Tiramisu White Chocolate, Ube/Taro Chocolate Bar, Earl Grey White Chocolate, Gold Biscoff Caramel Chocolate, Matcha White Chocolate, Strawberry White Chocolate, Chocolate Bonbons.

Carb counts: Dark choc per 83g - 18.3g carbs, Milk choc per 83g - 21.8g.

Net carbs: Dark choc per 83g: 0.1g carbs and 18.3g of polyols, Milk choc per 83g: 3.5g and 18.3g of polyols.

Sugar replacers: Stevia and Erythritol


Black Sesame, Crème Brûlée, Earl Grey, White Chocolate and Strawberry - these are a few of the delicious flavours that we found available on the Ketobabe Chocolate website and each of them delivered the exact flavour they promised. They were all delicious! 

In return for an honest review, we received a small selection of Ketobabe Chocolates. How could we resist when they included a selection of delightfully packaged bonbons? Just to confirm, we have gone back and bought several more of these chocolates since we enjoyed them so much! 

Some chocolates are more low carb than keto, so eat the ones with white chocolate sparingly (they are about 6 Net Carbs), but the others have less carbs so feel free to treat yourself to chocolate once in a while!

Paleo Canteen - Keto Scoundrel

No Guilt Bakes keto cake bites and Keto Scoundrel chocolate bars

Price range: £14.99-£20.99 (Bundles), 

Flavours: Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate, white chocolate.

Carb counts: 22g per 100g - 12 per 55g bar

Net carbs: Just 2g of net carbs per bar

Sugar replacers: Erythritol


This brand is nothing short of luxury, you can taste the rich ingredients in their chocolate bar options and the packaging is thoughtful, and for the price of a bundle, you get a healthy amount of chocolate that should last you a while. The £14.99 bundle will give you the full range of keto chocolate including 1 dark chocolate, one salted white chocolate, and two milk chocolate bars. We didnt really enjoy the white chocolate.

Our favourite was the salted white chocolate as it’s not something you see often as a sugar-free option. All the keto bars tasted flavourful, not overly sweet, and just melts in your mouth. Each box only contains 2g of net carbs! This is perfect for us as we also aim to keep our portion sizes this low in carb counts.

Ally Houston (the founder of Paleo Canteen and Scoundrel) is a chef, food entrepreneur, and scientist. Aside from delicious keto chocolate bars the Scoundrel brand also sell keto ice cream & cookbooks.


Big Fat Stupid

No Guilt Bakes keto cake bites with Big Fat Stupid keto chocolate bars


Big fat stupid: Sugar-free, Keto, Vegan options. 

Price range: £3.00-£5.00 (per bar)

Flavours: Dark chocolate, Blueberry, and macadamia white chocolate, Orange and almond dark chocolate, Banana and hazelnut milk chocolate, Peanut and Raspberry dark milk chocolate, Sea salt dark chocolate, Strawberry and pistachio milk chocolate, Rhubarb, and custard milk chocolate.

Carb counts: 5.8g per 100g (peanut and raspberry flavour) 

Net carbs: (we don't know what method was used to calculate the net carbs however the owner has indicated that they only provide the figures for the total carb counts)

Sugar replacers: Erythritol


Big Fat Stupid offers some beautifully designed, thick, and chunky chocolate bars, hard to believe they are low in carbs and contain no added sugars! 

We liked that this company makes chocolate bars with nuts, it's not everyone's preference but we thought it was a nice touch and something different from the other brands we’ve tried. We tried the peanut and raspberry dark milk bar and the rhubarb and custard milk chocolate bar, it tasted just like a regular chocolate bar in our opinion. The flavours were very nice, not as sweet as it looked but very filling and one bar would last you a while when you get a little craving for some chocolate.

Pure Heavenly

No Guilt Bakes keto cake bites with Pure Heavenly Keto chocolate bars


Price range: £3.75 PB-£12.50 (Bundles)

Flavours: Salted caramel, Silk, Hazelnut, Dark Mint, Orange, Dark orange, Mint, Coconut, Strawberry, Dark raspberry, Dark ginger, Dark coffee, Dark cherry, Dark sea salt, Banana, Dark chocolate, Fruit and nuts. 

Carb counts: Dark choc per 85g - 21g carbs.

Net carbs: Dark choc per 85g: 20g Carbs including 13.5 Polyols.

Dark choc PER 30g: 7g Carbs including 4.8g Polyols. Milk choc per 30g: 12.3g carbs including 5.6 Polyols. Milk choc per 85g: 34.7g carbs including 16g Polyols.

Sugar replacers: Inulin and Erythritol (also includes small amounts of Sucralose and PolyDextrose).


Pure Heavenly offers vegan chocolate bars that come in a range of exciting and unique flavours. We think pure heavenly wins in this category, each flavour was exactly what it says on the packet, you could taste all the richness of the flavoured ingredients and the flavour options were quite impressive and creative. If you get the 30g bars make sure to stock up because they are quite small but just enough that it won’t make you crave a larger portion because of its richness in flavour. 

The chocolate bars are 100% vegan and free from gluten, wheat, soy, and palm oil, the founder was inspired to create this brand for his family's health when he was tired of his diet causing him fatigue, and health issues.  Impressively the Pure Heavenly brand was offered an investment in an episode of Dragons’ Den. The contract did not fall through but the brand remains a favourite for many people who seek no added sugar treats that contain high-quality ingredients and are in support of eco-friendly packaging and fair trade.


Raw Gorilla 

 No Guilt Bakes keto cake bites with Raw Gorilla keto chocolate bars

Price range: £1.99 (per bar) -£7.99 x 4 (Bundles)

Flavours: Dark keto chok, Hazelnut keto chok, Orange keto choc, Silky cacao.

Carb counts: 3.5g per bar

Net carbs: <4g Net carb/serving

Sugar replacers: Lucuma powder


We tried the silky cacao and the hazelnut keto chok, and according to the ingredients, they are some of the healthiest chocolate bars on the market. 

Raw Gorilla is also organic and paleo and the chocolate bars are powered by superfoods such as lucuma powder which is an ingredient they use to sweeten their chocolate. The creator of Raw Gorilla wanted to supply a product that did not contain additives or preservatives, a product that was hand-made and wholesome while tasting delicious. 

The chocolate bar range is not extensive but this brand does offer a range of keto chocolate products for everyone to enjoy. Products come in the recyclable compostable film, the bars are quite small but rich and very chocolatey. 

Chocoholics Unite!

And there you have it, our list of keto chocolate bars that we recommend for anyone who wants to kick sugar to the curb and maintain a healthy low-carb lifestyle. It has been a pleasure trying out the chocolate bars and we will be purchasing again! 

If you're a chocoholic like ourselves, you will also love our Chocolate Cake Bites! We have a range of chocolate-y treats, including Chocolate Hazelnut and Salted Caramel Cake Bites. Keep an eye out on our website for more Chocolate-y treats. 

We hope this article was helpful and inspiring, let us know your experience with keto chocolate bars, did you like the taste? How did your health improve? Comment down below.

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