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The Ultimate Keto Shopping Guide: Groceries & Snacks

Whether you’re new to keto or already a long term keto-er, it’s easy to get stuck in terms of what to buy, and where's best to buy everything. We don’t expect you to know all the ins and outs of the best snacks and foods, and it’s tough out there in the aisles where there’s so many options to choose from! That’s why we thought we’d help you out and give you all the guidance you need beforehand, so that you can confidently walk to your local supermarket with your shopping list in hand.

 Grocery Essentials

Here’s a general list for you to look through and see what you’re missing in your weekly shops. This isn’t an exhaustive list as we could be here for years if we mentioned every single low-carb option available in shops. 

Gain some inspo, try purchasing something new and start experimenting in the kitchen!

Keto-friendly ‘Grains’

Keto and grains in the same sentence? That doesn’t make sense when grains tend to be packed with carbs! But luckily there are some substitutes out there for high-carb grains. Most of these options you can order online to save you from adding to your already-very-long shopping list!

  • Low-carb bread - This one might not be in supermarkets, but you can easily browse and try our Multiseed Bread Mix! Perfect for making burgers, bread pudding or french toast!
  • Keto Pizza - A keto-friendly Pizza Base Mixis a must for making delicious pizzas and calzones. Or roll out the dough, cut into triangles to make nachos or long pieces to make breadsticks.  
  • Low-carb pasta and noodles - whilst there are many options available, a popular option is this pasta, or if you don’t mind an online shop, this black bean spaghetti is one of our favourites. You can also try spiralizing vegetables (e.g. zucchini) or shirataki noodles
  • Keto Porridge - Our Keto Porridge Mix is the warm, comforting breakfast we all need to kickstart our mind and body in the morning.


Vegetables are your best friend on keto. Add to every dish or make them the star of your dish! Whether it’s zesty salads or meat stuffed bell peppers, you can get creative with your vegetables. Luckily it’s easy to stock up on all types of veggies when they’re sold in most local stores and markets.

Leafy Greens

Leafy Greens Net Carbs (per 100g)
Arugula 2.1g
Bok Choy 0.8g
Bibb Lettuce 1.2g
Butter Lettuce 1g
Iceberg Lettuce 1.8g
Romaine 1.1g
Watercress 0.8g
Sprouts 4.5g
Chard or Swiss Chard 2.1g
Kale 1.3g

Root Vegetables

Root Vegetable Net Carbs (per 100g)
Ginger 15.1g
Garlic 41g
Turnips 4.6g
Carrots 6.8g
Green & White Onion 7.6g
Leeks (Cooked) 6.6g
Okra 2g


Other Vegetables

Vegetable Net Carbs (per 100g)
Avocado 1.8g
Eggplants aka. Aubergines 2.9g
Tomatoes 2.7g
Cucumber 3.1g
Chilli Peppers 7.3g
Red bell Peppers 3.9g
Mushrooms 2.2g
Yellow Squash 2.4g
Pumpkins (Cooked) 3.8g
Pickles 1.4g


Here’s some of our very own delicious aubergine recipes!



Fruit is just as easy as finding vegetables, and tends to be in the same stores and markets. The only sad thing about fruit on keto is that the variety is quite limited, as most fruits tend to be high in carbs. But that’s okay - There are still some options that you can eat in moderation, and make the perfect snack or topping for pancakes or porridge!


Berry Net Carbs (per 100g)
Raspberries 5.4g
Blackberries 4.3g
Strawberries 5.7g
Blueberries 12.3g


Other Fruit

Fruit Net Carbs (per 100g)
Plum 9.9g
Clementine 10.7g
Kiwi 11.1g
Watermelon 7.2g
Cherries 11.8g




Luckily there are plenty of meats that fit into the high-fat low-carb requirements of keto and are easily found in supermarkets or at the butcher. Most grass-fed animal meat is high-fat and low-carb. Some cuts are more keto than others, and we’ve specified below the cuts of meat that are most suitable for a low-carb, high-fat diet. 

Though be careful not to eat too much protein, as excess protein is then converted into a glucose-like substance which can hinder ketosis.


Meat Net Carbs (per 100g)
Ground beef 0g
Steak - Ribeye, T-bone, Porterhouse & Babyback ribs 0g
Veal 0g
Venison 0g
Lamb - Lamb chops 0.7g
Pork - Bacon and Pork belly 0g
Sausages 0.6g


Poultry Net Carbs (per 100g)
Chicken - Skinless chicken breasts or Chicken thighs 0g
Turkey 0g
Duck 1g
Goose 0g


Seafood Net Carbs (per 100g)
Tuna 0g
Salmon 0g
Mackerel 5.4g
Shrimp & Bay Scallops 0.9g
Lobster 0g
Crayfish (tails) 0.6g
Crab 0g

Vegan Meat Substitutes

Vegan Meat Substitute Net Carbs (per 100g)
Tofu - low fat content means you should eat it while keeping a close eye on your macros 1.9g
Tempeh 1.1g
Seitan 7g



Read our guide to keeping track of your macros here!


Eggs & Dairy

The main rule of thumb for dairy is to opt for products with higher fat content. As long as you aren’t intolerant or sensitive to lactose, full-fat, thick yoghourts, whipped or sour cream, and rich cheeses are all perfect to have on keto. Eggs are also perfectly fine on keto, as one large egg contains less than 1g of carbs and around 6g of protein. Just be sure to have the full egg as most of the nutrients come from the yolk!

Want more guidance about cheese in particular? Read our Keto Cheese Guide here!


Cheese Net Carbs (per 100g)
Blue cheese 2.3g
Cheddar cheese 2.1g
Goat cheese 0.4g
Cream cheese 1.79g
Gouda 2.2g
Parmesan cheese 3.2g

Other Dairy

Dairy Net Carbs (per 100g)
Eggs 1.1g
Plain, whole-milk yogurt 4.8g
Greek yogurt 4g
Salted butter 0.1g


Pantry Essentials

You most definitely have these in your kitchen cupboards already, you’ll just have to sift through everything and make sure you have enough of the following keto essentials! Falling short of some items? You’ll easily find most essentials in supermarkets or if you want to buy in bulk, you can shop online too.

  • Chicken broth
  • Almond flour
  • Coconut cream
  • Soy sauce
  • Cocoa powder
  • Vanilla extract
  • Almond butter
  • Peanut butter


Spices & Oils

You don’t need every oil in the book, though having enough spices is always a kitchen essential! Some are higher in carbs than others, which is why we recommend opting for the spices with the least processed ingredients. You can also blend spices and herbs at home to yield flavour-packed, low-carb seasonings. Here are some of the lowest carb options to help you get your oils & spices organised.

Herb/Spice Net Carbs (per 100g)
Thyme 26.9g
Basil 10g
Coriander 13.1g
Tarragon (Fresh) 0g
Mint 22.4g
Cinnamon 27.6g

Cooking Oil Net Carbs (per 100g)
Coconut oil 0g
Sesame oil 0g
Avocado oil 0g
Olive oil 0g
Ghee 0g

Must-have Snacks

We all need some mid-meal snacks to keep our stomachs happy and rumble-free! It’s tempting to make yourself some baked cheddar cheese crisps or munch on some berries and yoghourt, though sometimes we can’t help but feel the need to indulge in something more decadent and sweet! Yes - we mean cravings for foods such as chocolate and cake. Luckily, there are plenty of delicious, guilt-free options that are both keto-friendly and made from wholesome ingredients. 



You can find keto-friendly cake bites at Hammonds of Hull or if you’re a Londoner, just visit your nearest Planet Organic! Enjoy your cakes with a dollop of Greek yoghourt - a high-protein and low-carb yoghourt compared to regular yoghourt. 

Plenty of flavours are available, including:


Surprisingly, there are a lot of keto-friendly chocolate options that you can find online. Some that we have tried and recommend are:

Read our full keto chocolate blog here for an in-depth review and nutritional breakdown of these chocolate bars and more! 

Want some chocolate-y variation? Our Chocolate Mug Cake Mix is an indulgent option all day, every day. 

Pancakes & Waffles

This might come as a surprise to you, since these treats tend to be carb-filled! That’s exactly why we whipped up this Pancake & Waffle Mix, which you can easily make at home and indulge in guilt-free. 

Make some pizza waffles or stack your pancakes high with sweet or savoury toppings - the plate’s your limit! Simply order online here and have your treat arrive at your door within two business days.

Hot Drinks

A warm beverage is always comforting and a nice reward for getting through some of the day. Enjoy your hot drink alongside a sweet treat! Most of these options are available in the supermarket, although you’ll have to order online for some keto special drinks.

  • Hot Chocolate 
  • Tea
    • English Breakfast tea
    • Green tea
  • Coffee
    • Black coffee 
    • Sugar free flavoured syrups - Jordan’s can be found in TK Maxx & Amazon, or Monin is a popular option on Amazon that contains less than 1g of net carbs (be careful with how much you add!


    This is a healthier snack option for us keto-ers. Simply snack on a few to keep your hunger at bay and help give your body the nutrients it needs. You can find these nuts in many local supermarkets, though buying large quantities online may be a cheaper option! Just make sure you’re buying nuts that are whole and natural, without all that added sugar added to some trail mixes!

    • Almonds
    • Pecans
    • Pistachios
    • Walnuts

    Read more about eating nuts on keto here!


    Where to shop

    Cheaper options include supermarkets, such as Lidl or Aldi. Here you’ll find very reasonably priced fruit, vegetables and other essentials! Otherwise your local markets are likely to have well priced fresh fruit and vegetables. 

    Found that your budget is quite tight? Read our Keto On A Budget blog here for all our tips, tricks and food recommendations to help spare your wallet. 

    Amazon has plenty of keto or low-carb products, just be sure to check ingredients lists before purchasing. You should be ultra careful when buying low-carb food substitutes - always make sure the ingredients are as natural as possible, free from additives, colours and preservatives. 

    Shopping Spree Time!

    There you have it, a well needed guide to the foods you can purchase on a keto diet, alongside all of our recommendations. Let us know in the comments down below what you do opt for on your next shopping trip, what you like and dislike and what you recommend from your past shopping trips! 

    Want some keto meal ideas that show how you can use all of these handy ingredients? Check out our Easy Keto Meals blog post! 

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