Free UK Shipping available for all Bundles and for all orders over £40 (not applicable on Birthday Cakes)

Free UK Shipping available for all Bundles and for all orders over £40 (not applicable on Birthday Cakes)


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Taking Sugar out of Bread Free Shipping on all bundles Award Winning Brand

High in Protein Low in Carbs

Tasty, delicious, and so low carb. This bread is your new favourite low carb loaf. Made so it's so easy to prepare, each pack produces at least 14 portions with each slice coming in at under 2g net carbs . For anyone who has been searching for a diabetic friendly loaf or for people on low carb or keto-friendly lifestyles, your search ends now. Get the 4-pack today.

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Free Shipping on all Bundles
High in Protein
High in Fibre
Recipes Made with our Bread Mix

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Regular Bundle

- Multiseed Bread Mix - Pancake and Waffle Mix - Hot Porridge - Cocoa Plus

£34.96 £30.42
Ultimate Bundle

- Multiseed Bread Mix (4)

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Chocolate Lover

- Multiseed Bread Mix - Pancake and Waffle Mix - Keto Milk Chocolate Chips (2)

£49.94 £43.45

Why Our Bread?

>2g Net Carbs

Wit Enjoy and indulge in the tastiest loaves you've experienced on a low carb diet all without having your blood sugar skyrocketing

Just Add Water

Making our bread is easy--just add water, mix and bake. Whether you use a bread machine or not, this mix is just as easy.

Long Shelf Life

Long-lasting shelf life so you don’t have to use it the moment you buy it.

Light & Airy

Kneed and give it some time. These loaves will rise and get a beautiful, airy texture. So they aren't dense or heavy.


WHEAT GLUTEN , ALMOND Flour (TREE NUTS) , Flaxseed, Sunflower Seeds, Yeast, Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin), Salt

ALLERGY ADVICE: For allergens, see ingredients in CAPS

Nutritional Info.

Per 100g

Per Serving






of which saturates




of which sugars


of which polyols






3 Reasons Why You’ll Love our bread

High Quality Ingredients

At No Guilt Bakes, we prioritise the ingredients we use. Every single thing that goes into our bread is the best and carefully crafted to not send your blood sugar sky rocketing.

Full of Flavour

Unlike other low carb loaves on the market, with us, you never have to compromise. You can have low carb, amazing taste, deliciousness and flavour. Our bread is low carb but also full of flavour.

We Care About Carbs

Our bread is delicious and tasty, but we also care about the carbs. With less than 2g net carbs per slice, you don’t have to hold back.


How we are different

Ours (per 100g)

Theirs (per 100g)

Net Carbs

Less than 2g per slice
< 10g per slice




About 10g


Over 5g

Get the 4 Pack

Have bread delivered right to your door every few weeks. You can skip, cancel or pause your next order. You decide.

£20.99 £23.96
Save 12%
Shop the 4 Pack Free shipping on all orders!

Reviews from our fans

1,800+ Real Reviews

Easy to bake and so low carb!

"Love this bread! A slice of normal bread has 16g of carbs! A no guilt bakes slice of bread only has 1.4g! This is amazing, and great for anyone trying to lose weight and want to fulfill your carbs crave"

L. Verified Purchaser


"This bread is so easy to make just add water I add a little extra salt for my taste. This bread is really good as sandwiches or as toast and there is no awful smell while it is toasting!!!!!! I also make rolls from this mix and they are good as well the seeds in the mix are an added delicious flavour."

Claire Verified Purchaser


"I've tried many razors in my time, but the Wave Razor hBeen on Keto and searching for bread that doesn’t taste like an old boot. I can’t understand how this bread is so good that I don’t miss real bread at all. In fact if you put this in front of me I would actually choose it over a regular slice of taken my shaving experience to a whole new level."

Sam D. Verified Purchaser

Such an easy bake!

"Wow wow wow! Baked with such ease, the texture is incredible, a beautiful crust on the bread. It actually turned out better than expected, and is much better than shop bought! Perfect for keto, I used this bread for when I had keto burgers, and it was just like having a proper burger with this quality bread either side of the patty!"

Kyle C. Verified Purchaser
Shop the 4 Pack

Get Better Bread


244+ Real Reviews
£23.96 £20.99
Save 12%
Shop the 4-Pack
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How do you keep your bread so low carb? Our bread mix is formulated using a combination of ingredients that are naturally low in carbohydrates. We use almond flour and other ingredients which are high in fiber and healthy fats, resulting in a bread that is low in net carbs.
What's the initial consistency of the dough? When you add your water to the mix it will feel quite wet but trust the process. The dough ends up firming up during the kneading process.
What else can be made with the bread mix? Our bread mix is really versatile and can be used for a variety of things--buns, hot dogs, and a lot of other things.
How many loaves does one mix make? Each packet of our Multiseed Bread Mix produces a single large loaf, which can be sliced into at least 14 portions. However, you can also use it to make smaller loaves or buns, depending on your preference.
Is it vegan? Yes, our Multiseed Bread Mix is vegan-friendly.
Is there a gluten free version? Currently, we do not offer a gluten-free version of our Multiseed Bread Mix.